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Shipping & Storage

Secure Asset Storage is Insured and Video Monitored 24/7

Vasco provides free shipping within the US for customers who engage in a sale or loan.  We primarily ship via FedEx or UPS and provide insurance to cover the value of our shipments.  The standard maximum value we can insure is $75,000. Anything above that will be subject to an approval process before we can proceed with the shipment.  Shipping labels can be provided for shipping to customers via email.

All items must be double boxed for insurance purposes. That means that the item is sealed inside a FedEx/UPS letter envelope and affixed to the inside of a small FedEx/UPS box. The sealed small box is placed inside a larger FedEx/UPS box and sealed. The label is affixed to the larger box.
All packages received in our office are opened under a surveillance camera.

If shipping to/from a major city (NY, Chicago, Miami, etc.) and it’s not a residential pick-up but a business, we may be able to use armor truck services for high value items.

In order to provide a final appraisal of the item to make an offer for a loan or sale, we must see the item in person.  Typically we ask that you schedule an appointment during business hours (9am-6pm PST Mon-Fri).  If the item is too large, we can schedule a visit to your home or location within Southern California.

Assets are stored in our secure safe on site that is monitored by our alarm company 24/7.
Our facilities have double entry security doors and is monitored by numerous surveillance cameras that record 24/7 and are monitored by our alarm company.