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Step 3: Estimating the Diamond Weight

Most diamonds will be set in jewelry. We will estimate the weight of the diamond by measuring the diamonds diameter and depth right down to the millimeter. There are various tools available to us that use mathematical formulas to calculate very accurately the estimated weight of the diamond.

Diamond prices are based on the weight of the diamond. There are price jumps at particular weight brackets. For example, a 0.99ct H SI1 may trade at $5400/ct, where as a 1.00ct H SI1 may trade at $6700/ct. It is therefore unlikely a cutter would cut the diamond to 0.99ct, they are more likely to compromise the cut of the stone and retain the weight. If we estimated the diamond weight to be 0.99ct, then we are likely to ask the customer if we can remove the stone from its setting and weigh it, because we want to pay the best price possible.