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At Vasco Assets, our selling process is quick and stress-free. We’ll valuate your luxury assets at no charge to you and provide you with the highest possible payment amount for your goods. Currently there’s a high market value for items such as:

Asset Based Private Money Lenders

Our experienced professionals will not only provide you with a dollar amount for your goods, but you’ll walk away with valuable information about your assets.You can also also breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your questions or concerns will be properly addressed by our qualified specialists.

At Vasco Assets, we go the extra mile to bring you thorough and accurate valuations in a safe and professional atmosphere. When you sell your items to Vasco Assets you can trust that your payout will be the highest in town. In addition to our stellar services, our facilities are always sanitized and secure for the health of our visitors and team members.

Asset Based Private Money Lenders

How does the process work?

Simply fill out the form below or call to inquire about setting up a time to meet with our Luxury Asset Buyer. From there, you’ll bring your item to our office or have it shipped via our Sure Secure system. If you’re pleased with our proposed offer, you’ll walk away with money in hand the same day!

Are You Looking for the Top Asset-Based Lending Companies in Orange County?

Luxury asset-based lending has grown in popularity. When you own expensive luxury items you no longer want or require fast cash to pay for expenses, asset-based private money lenders in Orange County can be the best solution. We provide a no-obligation quote on your items’ value, allowing you to determine if you want to sell them to us or choose another option like a LuxLoc line of credit. We are one of the top asset-based lending companies in the area and guarantee you will get the best value for your items.

We Pay Top Dollar for Your Items

Our luxury asset-based lending gives you the highest amount for your valuable luxury items. Our asset-based private money lenders in Orange County can pay you for engagement rings, art, coins, diamonds, sculptures, luxury vehicles, yachts, aircrafts, gold bullion, platinum, and more. We’ll evaluate your items and give you a fair offer, so you can decide whether you want to do. We go the extra mile to guarantee accurate valuation for anything you want to use as collateral.

A Smooth Process

You can rest assured of a smooth process when working with top asset-based lending companies in Orange County. You won’t have to wait days or weeks to get an answer on your appraisal like you would at a conventional bank. We complete a thorough valuation of your assets in a few hours, allowing you to get the money you need faster than traditional loans. We’re ready to invest in luxury.

Contact us today to learn more about luxury asset-based lending.

Invest in Luxury

Our Investment Division specializes in locating, assessing and acquiring luxury tangible assets for investment. If you have a unique and valuable piece click here

Quotation – Reviews

Working with Vasco was a breeze. I shipped them my Rolex and got a better price than what my local dealer offered me. It was a smooth and easy process. It was a pleasure working with Vasco. 10 out of 5 stars!!!

Jason T.

New York City, New York

I wouldn’t take my jewelry anywhere else! They are honest, communicate in clear,concise terms so there are no hidden agendas or confusion, super friendly and accommodating, and always make the experience a pleasurable one.

Robyn H.

Newport Beach, CA

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