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The Vasco Assets team has 100’s of years of experience and uses the best technology to ensure the best pricing for your luxury assets.

Luxury Asset Purchases, Collateral Lending & Investing

Luxury Asset Purchases, Collateral Lending
& Investing

Vasco Assets is a private international investment firm based in Newport Beach, CA. The company is well diversified, has a global presence in multiple markets and possesses immediate access to outstanding capital reserves.

A unique operating platform allows Vasco to excel under various fluctuating market conditions. The company harnesses and integrates solid financial foundations, market foresight and ingenuity, and practical business agility. The result is a powerful problem solving mechanism that is diversified.


A Leader in Luxury
Asset Collateral Lending

Benny Mor

Benny Mor

Benny Mor is the founder and CEO of Vasco Assets, a financial institution that has been bringing financial opportunities to members of the community and abroad for over 35 years and counting. Mor’s passion for bringing luxury and community together is unmatched. With over 30 years of experience in the diamond mining and manufacturing industry, his ability to accurately price diamonds is the reason customers have and always will seek out his services in droves.

Benny Mor

Ari Mor

Ari Mor has been in the jewelry industry since 2009. As Vasco Assets’ skilled and respected Luxury Asset Buyer, Ari’s vast knowledge of valuables from diamonds to bullion makes his services highly sought after throughout Orange County and surrounding areas. His warm demeanor and friendly personality are what keep customers coming back time and time again.

Benny Mor

Adam Bitterman

Our distinguished Diamond Manager, Adam Bitterman has a wealth of experience in the field. From gemstones to rough and polished diamonds, Adam’s more than 15 years of expertise in the diamond industry are held in high regard throughout the community. His keen eye for cut, clarity, color, and carat weight (the 4c’s) are unparalleled. Daily, Adam can be found assisting with diamond calls, memos, and more.

Benny Mor

Liliana Garabet

Garabet specializes in the realms of vintage and colored jewels. Her 30 years of experience in the creation of custom designs for customers all over has won her a special place in the hearts of many. From minimalistic style to extravagant high-end designs, she is the one that is called upon most to craft keepsakes that will be treasured for years to come.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Vasco Assets cares about the communities it serves and has been a part of many initiatives in order to better our world. We pride ourselves in promoting education not only in our offices for our customers but also for children through fundraisers, donations, and scholarships. We have supported organizations such as Backhausdance, The Andersen Deans Foundation, Tilly’s Life Center and many more. We have also supported those children less fortunate who have been brave in the face of cancer through Larger Than Life making sure that they can enjoy and feel the happiness of childhood with theme park visits throughout California and even backyard BBQs with our founder Benny Mor.

Vasco Assets strives to continue to make the world a better place through the community and will continue to donate to causes that further a better and brighter future.


Over 100+ 5 Star Reviews on Google and Yelp

Quotation – Reviews

Working with Vasco was a breeze. I shipped them my Rolex and got a better price than what my local dealer offered me. It was a smooth and easy process. It was a pleasure working with Vasco. 10 out of 5 stars!!!

Jason T.

New York City, New York

I wouldn’t take my jewelry anywhere else! They are honest, communicate in clear,concise terms so there are no hidden agendas or confusion, super friendly and accommodating, and always make the experience a pleasurable one.

Robyn H.

Newport Beach, CA

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