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Seller Protection+ Or Why You Should Sell Your Luxury Watch Through Vasco

Alex had always been a proud owner of a vintage Rolex watch – a 1934 Rolex Zerographe, one of the earliest chronograph wristwatches produced by Rolex. Belonging to his grandfather, It was a treasured heirloom. But life has its ups and downs, and at this point, it seemed like the universe was throwing its fair…


Selling Your Luxury Watch Vs. Getting A Secure Line Of Credit With LuxLoc

Jason and Emily sat at their kitchen table, discussing their financial struggles. As small business owners, their dreams had always been woven around the small, independent business they had lovingly built together. While their business was helping them meet their current financial needs, the added financial burden brought on by Emily’s desire to finish college…

Sell My Rolex: Is Now The Right Time To Sell Your Luxury Watch?

Sell My Rolex: Is Now The Right Time To Sell Your Luxury Watch?

Luxury items go through a cycle where their value appreciates to extraordinary levels due to market sentiment. Timing the market can help you get a good value for your luxury items. In 2008, Rolexes were being melted for gold and now the watches, as collector items, are commanding five figures! Currently, the market is ripe…

What Is the Best Way to Sell Your Luxury Car

Selling a luxury car can be daunting. With a significant investment at stake, you want to ensure you get the best possible return while minimizing the stress and hassle of the selling process. One of the best ways to sell your luxury car is by using a luxury asset broker. Access to an Exclusive Network…


Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands to Invest In

Luxury watches have been long recognized as hallmarks of sophistication and success, but in recent years, they’ve evolved beyond their role as elegant adornments. Investing in luxury watches is as old as time itself, but the scale and scope of this investment route have significantly expanded in recent years.  A watch is a physical asset,…


Watch Appraisal: Condition, How to Determine it, and Why it Matters

Watches hold a distinct and significant place in our culture, embodying much more than mere timekeeping instruments. They represent a fusion of artistry, engineering, and history, making them coveted objects of desire and fascination. People purchase watches for various reasons, such as the appreciation of fine craftsmanship, the celebration of milestones, the expression of personal…


The Ultimate Guide On How to Leverage Your Luxury Watch Collection for a LuxLoc Secured Line of Credit

Imagine stepping into a room filled with the soft ticking of precision instruments, each an exquisite marvel of craftsmanship and engineering. Awe-inspiring, isn’t it? For many, the art of collecting luxury watches isn’t simply a hobby; it’s a passion, an investment, and a celebration of intricate design and timeless elegance. The allure of luxury watches…


Vasco Assets’ Sure Secure Shipping: A Safe and Insured Method for Shipping Jewelry to Obtain a Secured Line of Credit

Charmaine looked lovingly at the gold necklace and diamond ring – her great-grandmother’s – she had inherited. These amazing pieces were to fund her long-awaited and well-deserved vacation. She wasn’t going to sell them, that would be doing her family’s legacy a disservice. No! She had found a better alternative. While searching for options to…


Exploring Your Financial Options: Fine Jewelry Auctions Vs. A Luxloc Loan

Brennan held the box lovingly as he contemplated an extremely difficult decision; one that may change his financial fortunes, but would also part him from a loved and cherished heirloom.  As a dedicated entrepreneur and owner of a small business, he found himself facing unforeseen financial difficulties. He had tried to raise cash through traditional…


Understanding Jewelry Trends: How Luxloc Can Help Beat Depreciation

Raquel was staring at her financials, they were not a pretty sight. As a hardworking individual, she had done all she could to keep her small business afloat. But now it was getting too much. She had nearly exhausted her contingency funds and contemplated digging into her savings. She remembered her small collection of inherited…

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