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Benny Mor Talks Investments on Money Wise with The Money Guys

Are you interested in the Geopolitical situation in the Middle East or diamonds as an alternative commodity investment?

Several weeks ago, Benny Mor, Founder and President of Vasco Assets, was interviewed by the Money Guys at Applied Financial Planning on the weekly radio show “Money Wise with the Money Guys”.  This informative show airs every Saturday at 9:00am on KOCI 101.5 FM.

In his interview, Benny spoke with the group about many topics and touched on:

  • US Israel relationships
  • the geopolitical climate of the Middle East
  • the impact and future of BDS
  • high-tech and bio-tech investment in Israel.

He also spoke at length about luxury:

  • What are Luxury Commodity Assets
  • How diamonds are both an investment and a commodity
  • What it means that diamonds are an alternative investment.

Please listen, comment, and reach out to ask questions!

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