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Your Premier Luxury Asset-Based Lending Firm Near Tustin, CA

At Vasco Assets, we provide tailored asset-based lending solutions to meet your unique financial needs. As trusted asset-based private money lenders, we understand the value of your luxury assets and offer quick, hassle-free lending options to help you unlock their potential.

Asset Based Private Money Lenders

Get the Best Value

As a multinational luxury asset seller, we have extensive experience dealing with high-value items, including certified diamonds, exquisite precious metals, and fine jewelry. Our team of certified diamond buyers and exquisite precious metal buyers will evaluate your assets with precision and offer the best possible value.

Our luxury asset collateral lending services allow you to borrow against your assets, providing the necessary funds without a lengthy approval process or credit checks. Whether you need immediate cash for a business opportunity, personal investment, or another financial requirement, our asset-based lending company can provide a fast, efficient solution.

Asset Based Private Money Lenders

We Buy All Types of Assets

If you own luxury vehicles, we offer the option to sell your luxury vehicle outright. Our team of experts will provide a fair market value offer, ensuring a hassle-free, transparent selling experience.

At Vasco Assets, we pride ourselves on being secured jewelry lenders, offering jewelry collateral loans. Our secured loans with jewelry as collateral provide a reliable, discreet option if you need short-term financing.

As the premier luxury asset buyer close to Tustin, CA, we strive to provide exceptional service and confidentiality throughout the lending and selling process. We prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure you receive the best value for your luxury assets.

Contact Vasco Assets today to explore our asset-based lending options, sell your luxury vehicle, or discuss collateral loans secured by your jewelry. Our team is ready to assist you in realizing the full potential of your luxury assets.

Invest in Luxury

Our Investment Division specializes in locating, assessing and acquiring luxury tangible assets for investment. If you have a unique and valuable piece click here

Quotation – Reviews

Working with Vasco was a breeze. I shipped them my Rolex and got a better price than what my local dealer offered me. It was a smooth and easy process. It was a pleasure working with Vasco. 10 out of 5 stars!!!

Jason T.

New York City, New York

I wouldn’t take my jewelry anywhere else! They are honest, communicate in clear,concise terms so there are no hidden agendas or confusion, super friendly and accommodating, and always make the experience a pleasurable one.

Robyn H.

Newport Beach, CA

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