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The ABC’s of Selling Your Luxury Assets to Vasco Assets

You’ve planned your dream vacation when an unexpected bill hits your doorstep. Suddenly, you face the possibility of having to give up on your dreams to deal with your reality.

Then, you remember that ring your grandmother gave you or the watch that doesn’t fit your on the go lifestyle or that old artwork handed down from your grandparents that you tucked away in your home. Perhaps it’s a luxury car you bought on a whim, thinking one day you’d find the time to work on the engine, but that day never came.

And, it’s not just a few extra dollars you’re hoping to reap from your unwanted stuff. No, you need a few thousand dollars to pay off that medical bill coming due or to refurbish your home and bring it into the 21st century.

No matter the reason, when it’s time to sell your jewelry or other valuable items, you need a trusted partner to unlock the true value of your luxury asset. Vasco Assets can help you discover the ABC’s – Asset-Based Cash – of your unwanted, unused assets. Vasco Assets is a trusted luxury asset financial firm based in Newport Beach, Calif, that for almost four decades has helped individuals realize their dreams.

We specialize in the global trade of luxury tangible assets, but what exactly does that mean?

When it comes time to sell your luxury assets, here are a few examples of the types of assets Vasco deals in:

  • Wedding and engagement rings
  • Watches
  • Loose diamonds
  • Luxury cars
  • Fine art
  • Fine jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings)

Our team of experts offers complimentary initial assessments of items you’re ready to sell.

Our online appraisal process strives to provide you with the current market value for your asset based on our professional analysis of your submitted data, such as photos, certificates, appraisals, purchase receipts, insurance policies, authenticity records, and other documentation.

or call 855.285.7059 now.

Is there something you’ve always dreamed of doing, only to not have the cash on hand that you needed?

Ever wanted to cruise the Caribbean, trek across the Sahara, or take a trip down under? Selling your unwanted jewelry can make that dream a reality.

Maybe you have a child about to enter college? Selling your luxury car in the garage can alleviate some of the sticker shock you feel when the tuition bill arrives in the mail.
Or, you might be downsizing to a smaller home or moving across the country. Selling your long-forgotten luxury asset that’s gathered dust in the closet frees up cash to do the things you’ve longed to do. Whatever your heart’s desire is, now is the time to unlock the hidden value of that unwanted or unneeded asset and put that value to work for you. Don’t put off your dreams another moment.
Let Vasco Assets make the process of selling your unwanted painting, jewelry, or other luxury items quick and easy. Our experts have the knowledge and wherewithal to provide you the best offer possible and make the process of selling your luxury asset quick and easy, so you get your funds right away. Contact Vasco Assets and bring your dreams to life. Your luxury assets have intrinsic value, just waiting for you to unlock it and put it to use making your dreams a reality. Vasco Assets experts aim to provide you the True Market Value of your asset based on our professional analysis. Our virtual appraisal process expedites matters so that once we mutually agree upon a purchase price; we provide complimentary insured shipping services and immediate payment. Even if you’re not ready to part with your asset, our Finance Division offers expedited collateral-based financing and loans up to $2 million. Depending on the asset, within 24 hours, with no credit check needed, you can have cash in hand. Once you’ve repaid your loan, we return the asset to you.

No matter whether you sell or borrow, our professional staff knows the market, and you’ll benefit from their expertise in getting the most for your valued treasures. Make one call to our Newport Beach offices, and our experienced appraisers will provide you the highest possible value for your valuables. Do Business from the Convenience of Home

Save yourself hours, if not days, comparing prices on the web or driving from shop to shop when you’re ready to sell your luxury asset. With Vasco Assets, everything is fast, easy, and confidential.

We have been in Newport Beach for more than 34 years, and our experts have more than 110 years of experience actively appraising and working with buyers and sellers to determine the highest value for your unused treasure.

Our Sure Secure Shipping system utilizes trusted companies such as Brinks Global, FedEx, Malca-Amit and the US Postal Service for secure shipments tailored to your unique luxury assets. Your shipment is not only protected by Lloyd & Partners of London but is guaranteed to be treated with the utmost of professionalism and respect – all at no cost to you.

Once we’ve agreed on a price for your item, you’ll have your money within 24 hours. If we can’t agree upon a price, we’ll return your asset via 100% free secure shipping, fully insured. Throughout the process, your valuables are protected and safeguarded at all times, as if you were standing in our Newport Beach office. Is it time to sell your unwanted items and put the cash you receive to better use? Call Vasco Assets today for a free consultation at 949-679-2300 or click here to start the online valuation process.

About Vasco Assets:

Vasco Assets is a private licensed, fully insured, and bonded financial firm with business interests worldwide, specializing in luxury commodity assets. Located in Newport Beach, CA, Vasco Assets provides Financial Flexibility and Security by buying and lending against luxury assets, unlocking the inherent value and converting the assets to funds, offering a variety of innovative collateral loan programs to both individuals and businesses. Vasco also provides Access to Luxury by making luxury available to their clients well below wholesale and manufacturing by virtue of diamond production in India and Israel, jewelry manufacturing in Los Angeles and worldwide networks.  Vasco offers programs to Build and Maintain Wealth, through diamond commodity investment programs, taking advantage of the hedge opportunities inherent in commodities. By virtue of their diamond production, these investment grade stones are offered at commodity pricing, eliminating the mark-ups of wholesale and retail pricing.

For more information or to inquire about any of Vasco Assets’ high-value services, please call 855.285.7059 or email info@vascoassets.com