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What is a Luxury Commodity Asset and why should I care?

What is a luxury commodity?

Not all that many people know the answer – Most people don’t realize that buying luxury items, normally a sentimental or passionate activity, can also be a store of value and can even appreciate.

When buying luxury, whether it’s a watch, a diamond, a yacht or a piece of art, everything has a commodity value.  If you buy luxury in the right way from the right source, as an investment, you can be certain that there will be appreciation and a clear exit strategy.   What does this mean for you? You can make money and enjoy your investment.

Buy a diamond from the right source.

When you buy directly from a manufacturer, not at retail or wholesale level,you can buy a diamond as a commodity.  That is the Vasco Assets Value. Vasco Assets sells diamonds at manufacturer pricing so that when you decide to upgrade your diamond or sell your diamond you can see a return.

What does it mean to buy at manufacturer pricing? When you buy a diamond at a retailer it has changed hands at least half a dozen times. It has passed from the mine to the cutter to the wholesaler to the retailer. Everyone along the way has had to turn a profit meaning you have to pay to line all their pockets. We help cut out the middlemen. We give pricing direct from the manufacturing floor allowing you to invest in diamonds like any wholesaler. Rather than taking decades to appreciate to breakeven in retail you can see a return in years all while you are enjoying it as a lovely piece of jewelry.

Sell my diamond and unlock my money!

How do you turn your newfound commodity back into cash? It’s as easy as saying to yourself “I’d like to sell my diamond!” You are unlocking a potential source of value if you bought it properly. If you sell, your diamond may have very well appreciated in value and you could make a tidy profit. The emotional purchase you made can become a savvy financial decision. When looking through your jewelry box the choice is as simple as “Do I want to sell my engagement ring or sell my necklace?”

A jewelry box can be a treasure trove of potential wealth. It can house old jewelry that can be either sold to unlock its potential value or transformed into a completely new piece given the right jeweler. What is sitting in your closet right now could be the cure for a host of financial issues or just a boost to buy that new iPhone you’ve been eyeing.

How do I sell my jewelry?

Vasco Assets can be a jewelry buyer for you and from you. Vasco Assets can buy your diamonds with ease in person or you can sell your diamond from the comfort of your home with Sure Secure shipping. An in-person valuation can be done quickly and you can have your money within minutes of closing your deal.

What if I just want the cash and still own my jewelry?

Well Vasco Assets can help you with that too. You can receive a loan on most kinds of luxury assets. If you want a loan on jewelry, art, watches, yachts, luxury cars and many other assets, we can help provide you the financial liquidity you need. Depending on the asset, you can have the cash within hours of reaching out to us. Please let us know any questions you have by contacting us at and we’ll make sure to help you out!