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Includes Inspection of all Accessible Parts and Logbooks

A comprehensive aviation survey of an aircraft typically will include inspection, evaluation and testing of the following:

  1. Cockpit
  2. Exterior and interior airframe
  3. Wings
  4. Engines
  5. Tail and undercarriage including gear and brakes.

All parts of the aircraft will be inspected by our own certified mechanic.


Overall check of airworthiness with inspection of documents, airworthiness certificate and all logbooks. Any LOAs, 135 charter certifications, insurance and other documents. Systems, flight controls, instrumentation including avionics, de-ice/anti-icing, emergency systems including fire suppression/protection, fuel shutoff/cutoff, O2 system, seatbelts and harnesses, windscreen and seals, APU/GPU check, cockpit and cabin environmental systems. Full run-up, possibly a test flight once airworthiness has been determined. Emergency and safety equipment.


Airframe inspection will include corrosion resistance on exterior surfaces and under inspection plates across the aircraft surface. Any signs of damage or stress to outer skin will be included. All control surfaces including hinges, safety cables/straps and buckling. Sensors, valves, lighting and antennae structures on the outer surface.

Horizontal and vertical stabilizers, including the elevator and rudder and all trimming devices/anti-servo and servo tabs. Main air stair door and baggage doors, hinges and seals. Drains, fire protection blowout disks, GPU hatch and plug.


Cabin air-stair door seals inspection windows/plates, emergency exit hatches, baggage door seals, all window seals, layout and finish, galley, stove, oven, microwave, refrigeration/ice storage system, lavatories, faucets, sinks, storage, drawers, entertainment systems, lighting systems, headlines and bulkheads, seats, tray tables, carpet, safety equipment, sleeping accommodations. Baggage layout and storage.

Engines & APU

Exhaust ports for APU, battery drain ports and vents and any other exterior venting/air intake. All components for the engines, including intakes, sensors, vents, inspection plates and compressor and turbine blades. Fuel system will be tested.


Undercarriage including gear, wheels, tires, brakes, down locks, up locks, gear door system, gear pins, hydraulic lines.

Extra Systems

Accumulators, emergency gear extension devices, de-ice systems, O2 system, lavatory system including purge/dump line, refill line, exterior lavatory hatch.

Any other systems on the particular aircraft.