August 22, 2017 0 Comments Diamonds

Diamonds as a Commodity

Are you thinking of making money with diamonds? Read this article to understand the market and how we can help you either start investing in or selling your diamonds today.

Currently we are seeing diamonds becoming more and more commoditized. Market forces already regulate the wholesale sector which has created a stable market and helped make the growth in value of diamonds measurable.   The last 30+ years have seen a growing global middle class which has created a worldwide appetite for small diamonds. As a result, some years have seen market price increases of anywhere from 20-350% in the wholesale sector.  This is partly why so many people look to invest in diamonds and other luxury commodities.  In addition, in times of tension and uncertainty, these assets are perceived as a hedge and a means to protect wealth.

The growth is not just limited to small diamonds, but has stimulated the market for larger ones as well.    A growing “1%” over the last decade has meant an increase in demand for large diamonds causing a massive increase in their asking prices. This continuing growth now presents opportunity for maximizing sales and investment value in diamonds of all sizes.

For years, Vasco Assets has been helping people make the right choices in both the liquidation and acquisition of their diamonds, whether purchased as an investment or as a gift. Call us today and speak with one of our experts at (949) 679-2300 to discuss how selling a diamond or purchasing it at the right price can be a sound financial decision.   If you wish to get a quote on a diamond you already own, fill out our simple online form HERE.