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How One Woman Discovered a Hidden Fortune in her Estate Jewelry

When times get tough, we can usually turn to selling valuables for some extra cash. Our old electronics, unworn vintage jewelry, and other luxury valuables can often give us the financial boost you need in a pinch. Every once in a while, you may find yourself in possession of an inherited piece of jewelry that could potentially be worth a lot of money. These previously owned, usually inherited pieces known as estate jewelry can sometimes turn out to be life-changing sources of untapped wealth.
Maybe you’re on the fence about selling estate jewelry, but for whatever reason aren’t convinced. Sometimes we fall into the trap of assuming the value of our old or vintage jewelry. Other times it’s the sentimental value of a piece that keeps us from letting go. While it’s not always a guarantee that you’ll be able to sell estate jewelry at a high price, you may find that your jewelry is far more valuable than you imagined if you get it evaluated at the right place.
Knowing who can help you sell estate jewelry is vital knowledge if you are looking to clear out your jewelry box for some extra cash. Recently, one Vasco Assets client happened to inherited a highly valuable piece of vintage jewelry that we helped her evaluate and sell. For the sake of anonymity, we’ll call her Mary.
When Mary’s father passed away, he left his wealth to be split among his wife and children. Mary received a modest sum as well as some moderately valuable assets, but one thing in particular caught her attention– a small, vintage ring that she had never seen before. At first, it didn’t seem that valuable to her. It was an out-of-date style with a relatively small stone. She tried reaching out to family members, but that wasn’t any help. She figured she would make it a keepsake. Besides, it held sentimental value in the wake of her father’s passing.

Ten years passed, and eventually times got tough financially. Mary started looking for old valuables she might be able to sell. While searching her jewelry box, she rediscovered the ring she had inherited from her father, which had been sitting there untouched for years. Could this be worth anything? Was it worth selling despite its sentimental value? While she knew little about selling estate jewelry, she needed cash. On the other hand, it’s heirloom status and her assumption that it wasn’t worth much gave her pause. Finally after some consideration, she decided to bring it to Vasco Assets to be evaluated– a decision that would pay off immensely. To her shock, Vasco Assets assessed the piece and found that her small, out-of-date piece of vintage jewelry actually held an extremely rare diamond and she was paid $180,000 dollars! With Vasco’s help, she was able to sell her estate jewelry at that price. One small decision changed her entire life.
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