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Vasco Assets In The Community: Founder Benny Mor Receives Lincoln Club Member of the Year Award

Vasco Assets Founder Benny Mor is committed to making generous and impactful contributions to his community and the world. The latest commemoration of his good deeds is the Lincoln Club of Orange County’s member of the year award. He was honored at an awards dinner held on May 18th to celebrate members who have made exceptional contributions to the Club. According to the Club, the member of the year award is reserved for a member who “in a very short time made exemplary contributions to the Club and our cause.”

The Lincoln Club OC, which according to its website is “the oldest and most successful pro-business political organization in Orange County”, has shaped California and national politics for five decades. Its founders included the most prominent businessmen in Orange County, including Dr. Arnold O. Beckman, the founder of Beckman Instruments, Walter Knott, the founder of Knott’s Berry Farm, and Si Fluor of the Fluor Corporation. With a membership comprised of some of the most prominent and influential businessmen and women in the community, the club “embraces an entrepreneurial approach to activism; empowering it’s members to make a difference in areas important to them.”

Per the award introduction speech, Benny joined the Club in 2016 and showed an early desire to get involved and have an impact. They said he “wanted to help us engage our other new members to make sure they felt connected to the Club and got involved with our membership efforts.”

Serving as the Director of International Travel and Affairs, Benny organized the Club’s first ever overseas trip in May 2018, leading a group of about 40 members on a first-class tour of Israel. Each person on the trip got special access to a number of high level facilities in Israel, as well as the unique chance to meet with top elected and political leaders, including a former cabinet member under Benjamin Netanyahu, and a member of the Knesset. Generals and intelligence officials lead them on tours in Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and Gaza. Group members also visited an Air Force base that not even Israeli civilians can have access to.

In addition to the political and military side of the tour, members also visited holy sites. While walking the streets of Jerusalem, they were able to take in the rich religious history that defines the city. The sites that they visited were not only limited to Jewish history: the group spent time exploring sites including the Via Dolorosa and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Born, raised, and educated in Israel, Benny decided to take this opportunity to share the social, military, and economic aspects of his home country with his fellow club members. Once an Israeli soldier and former Israeli Secret Service agent, Benny was able to use his deep knowledge and connections to make the trip a truly in-depth and eye-opening experience and emphasize the special connection between the U.S. and Israel.

Benny put the trip together in the hopes of turning his colleagues into ambassadors for Israel. He hopes that their newfound interest in Israel will spark investment interest in Israel’s economy and instill in them a deeper connection to the country and its development. In the Member of the Year speech, the Club shared their gratitude, saying “During this meaningful trip, 40 of our members grew closer as friends, having a once in a lifetime experience together.”

With Benny’s help, the Lincoln Club OC will continue to put together international trips for their members every two years, which will also allow them to develop relationships with government officials in other parts of the world.