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How to Sell Your Coins

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Most people don’t realize how valuable their change can be. Everyone, knowingly or not, has encountered and probably handled a coin worth far more than its face value. It could have been shown to you by your dad as part of his collection or you may have missed it and put it into a parking meter or tip jar, but for those who are able to notice such rarities there is one important question: How to sell coins.

Coins go up and down like any other valuable commodity, and that it’s best to sell coins when there is high demand for them. In order to ascertain and boost the true value of your potentially valuable coin there are a few different tips you may try.

What not to do:
Do not clean it!!!

Do not under any circumstances attempt to clean your coin. This could potentially damage it and make it less valuable. Coin cleaning should be left to the professionals as even touching or breathing on it can hurt the surface of the coin.

What to do:
Establish a market price with Google searches.

This may seem to be the obvious starting point but as the saying goes: “The simplest answer is the best answer.” On Google you can establish a ballpark value with ease.

Get your coin graded
Send your coins off to one of the reputable labs to get a detailed report to get a more exact price

Get a new slab
“Slab” is coin collector lingo for a plastic casing. This cheap investment can make your coin look more valuable and more appealing to buyers.

Find the right place to sell
Finding the right place to sell your coins is key. If you have rare coins for sale or wish to take on a collateral loan, contact our expert team today here or give us a call at 800.688.2994