June 9, 2017 0 Comments Diamonds, Pawn Shop

Five Questions to Consider Before Pawning Any Item

Tough times hit hard, and during those times people look to pawn shops to obtain value from their possessions and put money into their hands. Vasco Assets is here to help you unlock the value of your assets but if you decide to go with a pawn shop instead here are five questions you should ask before accepting offers.

What is their track record?
How long have they been in business? How long have they been at their current location? It’s important to go to an established local business that has had a long track record and dealings with the community. Vasco Assets has been proudly serving the Orange county community for over 33 years!

Is their team qualified?
Who is on their team? What certifications do they have and how much working experience do they have? The people evaluating your items should have the proper knowledge and experience to ensure that they know what they’re dealing with.  With over 100 years of combined experience the experts at Vasco Assets are ready to provide you with their expertise and experience at no cost to you. Click HERE to meet our team

Is the business legitimate?
Are they properly licensed? How are they regarded among their trade organizations? These are key indicators of how the business treats its partners and a good indicator of how they might treat you. Membership in the California Jewelers Association, A BBB A rating, and a Secondhand Dealers License are just a few of the memberships and certifications Vasco Assets holds.

How do they value your items?
How does the appraisal process work? Does it fully describe your item? If not you may not be receiving the full value you could potentially receive. Vasco has a multi faceted appraisal process which, when aided by our experts, provides a full view of the item allowing us to provide you the best offers you will see out there.

Will your items be safe and taken care of?
Where are your objects being stored? Are they fully insured? Are they being taken care of properly? If any of the above answers are no then steer clear of the pawnshop. Items should be secured in state of the art facilities and safes and be insured for double the amount its worth, then returned to you as clean  or cleaner than when you brought it in. Vasco is happy to provide all of that and more.
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