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Why Sell Your Gold?

While tidying up your home, you come across an assortment of gold jewelry tucked away in your closet. You haven’t worn or thought about it in years. With a newfound interest in these items, you decide to take a trip down memory lane. You’ve come to the conclusion that you’ll more than likely never wear them again.

Perhaps, they’re outdated looking or they no longer complement your personal style or taste. Whatever the case may be, the pieces are doing nothing for you other than sitting in your closet.  However, it does raise the question, what should you do with your gold jewelry?

By continuing to hold on to jewelry that you no longer wear, you are sitting on what could be a  gold mine! By not taking action, your unwanted jewelry will only continue to take up space and add to the clutter that was once your jewelry box. Selling your gold eliminates this problem. By reducing your clutter, you create an instant source of income when working with a company like Vasco Assets and OC Jewelry Buyer. By selling your gold you welcome the opportunity to earn extra cash and the tools to pay off bills.

Quick Gold Selling Process

Though the process may have once seemed tedious and daunting, the gold-selling process has evolved over the years and is now streamlined. Your gold will be weighed, tested, and evaluated rapidly and an offer will be made. If you like the offer from us, you receive payment the same day. It is that simple! If you are not local, we have made it very safe, secured, insured and fast to ship your items to us for acquisition or even a loan against your items (collateral loan).

Of course, choosing to accept the offer is entirely up to you. It’s important to make the decision that you feel is best suited for your lifestyle. However, if you choose to accept, a check for the quoted amount will be handed to you within only minutes. Most first-rate gold buyers with years of experience in the jewelry industry like Vasco Assets and OC Jewelry Buyer are going to make a very fair and equitable offer.

Fast Cash With Gold

Do you find yourself wondering how you’re going to earn money for unforeseen circumstances?

Issues such as medical expenses and home repairs can really weigh you down and cause crippling stress. If you find this to be your current situation, selling your gold is the light at the end of the tunnel! Instead of taking out a loan or racking up tremendous credit card debt, you can sell your gold rings and necklaces to a qualified jewelry buyer and earn top dollar. With your earnings, you’ll be able to take care of all of your most pressing needs and relieve your stress while you’re at it!

Selling Your Gold is Practical

Making the choice to sell your gold is wise. Not only will selling your precious metals offer you extra finances when you need them the most, but you’ll also be getting a great return on your investment. Instead of allowing your gold to waste away in the bottom of your jewelry box, you can sell it to a reputable jewelry buyer who’s passionate about the industry and providing you with the best value for your gold. Depending on your item’s condition and specifications, you could walk away with 50% or more of the original value of your luxury asset.

Selling your gold will allow you to create additional income for vacations, a gift for yourself or someone special, or provide you with the funds for other pressing needs. The possibilities are endless! Whether you are looking to part with your gold watches, rings, or necklaces, this is a great time to do so. With the value of gold remaining high, you’ll be sure to receive the funds you need.

Research Reputable Gold Buyers

Before making the decision of who to sell your gold to, performing the proper research is necessary. You’ll want to ensure that your gold buyer is, in fact, knowledgeable in the gold industry. Looking into the company’s track record is also beneficial. How long has the company been in business and what do their customers have to say about them? The more educated you are about your potential gold buyers, the better! With Vasco Assets and OC Jewelry Buyer, you can always count on our 35-year track record of success.


If you’re still unsure about whether or not to sell your gold, think about what all of that extra income could mean for you. You can say goodbye to your stress and hello to additional space in your home. Don’t hold on to relics from the past that will only stay stashed away for a number of years, instead, you can make room for treasures that will provide you and your loved ones with continued joy- time and time again.

By selling your gold to a qualified gold buyer, you can rest assured knowing that you’re making the right choice for all parties involved. Gold is high in value which makes it a great investment. With the value of gold continuing to increase, selling your gold items will always be the right choice. So don’t hesitate to turn your gold pieces into hundreds or even thousands of dollars today!

About the Author

Vasco Assets Inc. is a privately held international investment firm located in Newport Beach, California. Vasco Assets has over 35 years of industry expertise from investing, lending, buying and selling of luxury items to collaborating with charities in developing custom offerings and much more. At Vasco Assets, we create and cultivate long-term, multi-generational relationships with our clients.

Vasco Assets’ diversification in the global economy helps maintain our position as an independent international institution that is not subject to the fluctuations in the market conditions. In recent years, we’ve been making significant investments in our patent-pending technological platform and applying them to lending, investments, and fostering our client relationships.