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Benny Mor Puts Global Issues First

Benny Mor, founder and CEO of Vasco Assets, a financial institution that prides itself on ensuring that everyone has access to the finer things in life, is a supporter of not only the community, but of the visual arts. By spearheading a luncheon at the Pacific Club of Newport Beach in support of Yola Reitman and the film adaptation of her great triumphs for Ethiopian refugees, The RED SEA DIVING RESORT, he shows that he is a trusted and dependable pillar of strength and is dedicated to the issues that matter most. With global issues being of the utmost importance to Benny Mor, he went above and beyond the call of duty to bring a piece of geopolitical news right to the forefront of American mainstream culture.

It was imperative to Benny that the community understand that Vasco Assets is an institution that is committed to bringing worldwide issues to the dinner table of Americans. It is because of his commitment to justice that Mor organized and hosted a luncheon that honored the story of Yola Reitman and her efforts to bring Ethiopian refugees to justice. The film, The RED SEA DIVING RESORT is the perfect illustration of just that. THE RED SEA DIVING RESORT depicts (Israeli intelligence) Mossad’s harrowing mission to rescue 12,000 Ethiopian Jews and their determination to bring them to Israel. In 1977, 2,500 Jews were killed and 7,000 became homeless.

Something had to be done and that’s when Mossad, which included the great Yola Reitman and a team of others, took matters into its own hands. The film beautifully exhibits the lengths that Mossad went to- to bring these Ethiopian Jews home and to provide them with the protection and freedom of religion that they deserved. The agents devised a plan to use a fake diving resort to smuggle the imprisoned refugees out of Africa and into freedom. Mossad’s efforts saved thousands of refugees and successfully brought them to Israel.

Benny Mor and Vasco Assets firmly believe in bridging the gap between geopolitical issues and American media. He believes that no matter who you are and where you’re from, everyone deserves the right to live a luxurious life!