December 6, 2016 0 Comments Diamonds

Cash-Strapped for the Holidays? Cash-in Your Diamond Jewelry

The holiday season is here. This is a time where you want to impress loved ones with special gifts, invite family to dinner gatherings, celebrate with friends and treat yourself to a new outfit. This is the time to create memorable moments that will last forever. But your bank account is running dry!

This could be one of many reasons you might find yourself in a position where you are not sure what to do. But this is also your golden opportunity to consider selling one or some of your diamond jewelry. And luckily, now is a great time. The past two decades have resulted in fruitless efforts of diamond exploration. Recent reports have shared news about the diamond market facing a shortage of supply combined with soaring demand.

That being said, you want to make sure that you align yourself with a buyer who can help.

Your best bet would be to consider a qualified appraiser who will provide you with a good assessment for what you have. You need to work with someone who would be willing to offer you an objective opinion. Avoid sellers who only bargain for cheap deals. Seek the assistance of an appraiser who understands the quality and value in what you have.

Always take the market condition into consideration. Be realistic with your expectations. But also, if you really want to sell, you need to find a balance between wanting a high price that will push buyers away and making sure that you are not being taken advantage of.

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