March 29, 2017 0 Comments Collateral Loans, Jewelry, Sell Your Luxury Asset

Is Your Silver Jewelry Worth a Fortune?

close-up-silver-bullion1A quick glimpse at your jewelry box or drawer could bring to your attention how many pieces of silver jewelry you have; all items that you feel no longer fit your fashion style. Sounds familiar?

If you had bought those silver jewelry yourself, you already know that it is quite a large investment and that such an investment becomes more valuable with time. Keep in mind that we are talking about the real 925 sterling silver jewelry NOT the silver plated accessories where a thin layer of silver is placed over another metal.  Those are the jewelry pieces that easily tarnish and scrap off.

Assuming that your silver jewelry is real 925 sterling silver, you need to understand that 92.5% of your items is made of pure silver while the rest of the jewelry includes different kind of alloy, such as copper. Your real silver jewelry would typically have a mark, such as 925 or S925, to indicate its purity. That being said, the non-existence of these mark does not necessarily mean that your jewelry is not real sterling silver.

The best way to identify how real your silver is would be through the use of a magnet. If your piece of silver jewelry is attracted to the magnet, then it is NOT sterling silver.  Real sterling silver is a non-ferrous material and is not magnetic.

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