May 16, 2016 0 Comments Business, Collateral Loans, Diamonds

How to Deploy a $150,000 Investment in Assets

A wealthy relative leaves you a huge amount of money. You are most likely going to contemplate what you should do with it, right?

If you are not thinking of a compulsive way to spend the money on a new S-Class Mercedes Benz, is it fair to say you are going to want to spend that money as wisely as possible? If you go see your financial advisor he or she is going to tell you two ways to go about spending your new wealth – either investing the money or paying off any debt you may have.

Hopefully investing is going to be the path you take.

There are so many different paths to choose from when investing. It is almost like being a student in University and not knowing what field you want to major in. It is a commitment that isn’t going to be a whimsical decision you make in a day or maybe not even a week. You are going to make sure that when you invest your money, you are at least going to receive a return that is higher than your initial investment. Our philosophy here at Vasco is that assets are a great and secure investment.

Here are some tips for why assets make a good investment:

1.  Assets can retain a higher value, faster than a stock or a fund.  While bonds and stocks are highly responsive to company losses, tangible assets, like diamonds, are a commodity and are guarded from huge losses. This reduces risk and increases the probability of making a wise investment. In the last 10-12 years, since 2003, Russia, China and India came into the diamond market. Before, the United States was the leading consumer of diamonds in the world.  For the past 12 years, prices have increased 300% and demand has increased along with it. 

2. Investing in luxury assets produces a higher pleasure of ownership than an intangible investment, like a stock.  

3. The market for acquiring luxury goods is growing. Since 2003, prices have shot up 300% along with the demand for diamonds around the world. Here at Vasco, we have the ability to cash an investment in diamonds in the retail market, increasing profit margins and supplying a larger return on the initial investment. 

4. Assets can be used as collateral for a loan and can increase the probability of being approved for a loan. 

Vasco Assets only accepts luxury assets when approving a collateral loan in amounts between $2,500 to $2,000,000. After our clients provide us with the necessary information to value their asset, a loan will be approved and wired to them in less than an hour. We provide a fast, secure, and easy loan process that involves zero credit checks.

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