February 12, 2016 0 Comments Business, Collateral Loans, Pawn Shop

Why Vasco Assets Is NOT A Pawn Shop

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Vasco Assets has worked its way up to becoming one of the best luxury asset collateral lending and investing businesses in Southern California. Our major divisions include investments and financing, which only complement our highly appraised services.

 “The Investment Division specializes in the global trade of luxury tangible assets such as fine art, precious metals and stones, diamonds, jewelry, luxury watches, luxury vehicles to name a few. The Financing Division provides innovative financial solutions and expedited Secured Loan Services to businesses and individuals.”

At Vasco Assets, we put our customers first. The following are only few of the many reasons that set us apart from the practices of a pawn shop:

– Working with Vasco Assets translates into lowering both your risk and liability, which results in decreasing your cost of financing significantly.
– We offer asset-backed loans (up to $2,000,000), in addition to partnerships and profit-sharing programs with the availability of 100% financing and zero (0) investment required.
– We provide the confidentiality and confidence you need to ensure your luxury assets are properly valued and taken care of. This type of responsibility is not offered at pawn shops.
– We provide our customers with the utmost satisfaction when dealing with their luxury asset collateral lending and investing.

In reality, pawn shops are known to make transactions that will only net you a quarter of the retail price of your luxury asset, minimizing your chances to earn its true value. Because of the short payback term and the applied interest rates, pawn shops have proven to become a more expensive “solution” to accessing a loan. Pawn shops usually offer up to 30 days only to pay off the loan, and sometimes offer an extension with a high interest involved. In addition, some pawn shops give their customers a costly annual percentage rate (APR) that can be as much as 300. Such offerings and transactions minimize your chances to receive the proper amount for your valuable assets and leave you paying more and eventually losing out on money.

At Vasco Assets, we make sure that your luxury assets are properly handled with care. With our many available services, you will feel confident with your choice as we will help you make the right decision that sustains the value luxury assets. Unlike pawn shops, Vasco Assets offers: online evaluations, complimentary appraisals, financial consultations, options to sell your assets and consignment services.

Don’t let these pawn shops trick you into paying more and eventually losing out on your valuable luxury assets, Vasco Assets is here to help you receive the true value.