September 27, 2016 0 Comments Collateral Loans, Diamonds, Gemstones, Gold, Pawn Shop

How to Turn Luxury Assets into Commodities

Throughout the years, the market to buy and sell luxury assets has been controlled by regular channels of distribution: manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers; all playing the role of the middle man between the source and the end user or buyer.

At Vasco
, we educate and hdiamond-commodityelp our clients not only to invest in luxury assets, but also to have a better understanding of how to liquidate such assets for profit. Did you know that when you purchase your diamonds, gold and exotic cars from a retailer, it could take years for you to make a profitable sale?

For example, when you buy your diamonds from a regular jewelry store, you do pay premium for your item, beyond the actual cost of your diamond piece. Think about it: a retailer needs to not only cover  the cost of the diamond but also to include any overhead costs generated by store rental, salary of employees, insurance costs and more. Such fees are included in the price you pay. Furthermore, the premium price that you pay for your diamond jewelry includes a hefty profit margin.

At Vasco, we work with our clients as we offer them the opportunity not only to liquidate their luxury assets but also to be able to identify luxury, how and when to buy it so that it translates into an actual commodity, turning their luxurious assets into profitable sales with every transaction.